I bet you can't score at least 80%.

How lucky do you think you are? Do you have what it takes to get at least an 80%? Not likely. But the first step to getting this right is to take this quiz. If you don't, you get 0%. And I win.

So who's the loser? You or me? I doubt you could actually get at least 80%. Take the bet. What are you scared of? Oh, and don't forget to comment, or take my other quizzes.

Created by: Stardust1

  1. Choose one.
  2. Choose one.
  3. Choose one.
  4. You will lose.
  5. Choose one.
  6. I am...
  7. yes or no
  8. black or white
  9. up or down
  10. day or night
  11. Thank you for taking my rather pointless quiz. I still doubt that you managed to guess this randomly enough to score at least 80%. If you want a more serious quiz, take my other quizzes. This is the only weird one, at least it is now anyway.

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