How much do you know about Night Creatures

People claim they know every thing well try My quiz it's about Night Creatures. If hate the sound of BATS don't take the quiz then. This isn't are you smarter than a fith grader

Do have what it takes to a high score or will fail and put your head in shame. Do you feel lucky well do you. You think You're lucky well take the quiz and find out

Created by: Alikea

  1. BATS-How do Bats sleep?
  2. BATS-Are Bats birds?
  3. BATS-Are Bats bad
  4. BATS-Do Vampire Bats attack humans
  5. FIREFLIES-Why do fireflies glow
  6. FIREFLIES-Are Fireflies a kind of fly
  7. FIREFLIES-What type of bug is the Fireflie
  8. SNAKE-Do snakes bite with their tongue
  9. SNAKE-Do snakes hunt by sound
  10. SNAKE-How do snakes hunt
  11. SNAKE-How do snakes smell
  12. OWL-Are owls truely wise
  13. OWL-Do owls chew their food
  14. OWL-Do owls depend on sight or hearing
  15. OWL-Can owls see well
  16. OWL-What makes owls eyes shine in the dark
  17. OWL-What's the layer of cells called

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Night Creatures