Do You Have the IQ of Einstine?

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the LOSERS that got a low score on this quiz? Take it and find out exactly how dumb, or smart, you really are!

For thoes of you who think that these quizes are just a bunch of bs, thats because you know you are gunna get the lowest score! So try it and maybe you can get over your quizzaphobeia..... if you're lucky......

Created by: Steven Skobe

  1. A zebra is going to the watering hole. On his way he meets 6 gariffes, and each gariffe has 2 monkies hanging from their necks, and each monkey has 3 birds on its tail. How many animals are going to the wattering hole?
  2. I land on my tail just as much as my head. What am I?
  3. What driver doesn't have a licence?
  4. What animal can jump higher than a house?
  5. What has fifty heads, and fifty tails?
  6. Whats the distance between here and there?
  7. Why do sergens wear masks durring the surgery?
  8. What didn't Adam and Eve have, that everyone has today?
  9. If a man is born in Canada, raised in Rome, enroled in the U.S. army, what is he when he dies?
  10. What do you get when you cross an elephant, rhino, and hippo?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have the IQ of Einstine?