How Well Do You Know The Next Step?

How well do you know the dancing show The Next Step? Do you pay enough attention? Test your knowledge of this magnificent show. And remember keep dancing!

I did this quiz because I simply adore The Next Step! This show inspired me to start dance. Do you have what it takes to pass? Take this quiz and find out whether you know The Next Step.

Created by: I love dance
  1. Emily and whom try to break up Michelle and Eldon's relationship.
  2. Who of these people do ballet?
  3. Which couple do you think are the cutest? Betta be what I think?
  4. Hunter and Michelle used to go to what studio together.
  5. Who hates Michelle?
  6. Who does Michelle have a crush on?
  7. When Eldon and Hunter have a dance battle over Michelle who wins?
  8. When trying to break up Michelle's relationship with Eldon what happens to Emily and Hunter?
  9. Final Question! Who plays as Riley?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Next Step?