How well do you know about Strictly come dancing!

There are many smart people, but even true geniuses will find this quiz a challenge. see how well you've been paying attention to strictly come dancing with this exciting quiz!

Are you a big fan of strictly come dancing? If you are, this quiz is the right quiz for you! In this quiz you will answer questions about 2008 - 2011.

Created by: Laura

  1. Who was Brian Fortuna dancing with?
  2. Which Judge left in 2010 and was replaced by Alesha Dixon?
  3. Who got knocked out in the first week in 2011
  4. What is the American version called?
  5. Who went out first in 2010?
  6. Who was dancing with Lilia Kopylova in 2010?
  7. How did John Sergant get knocked out in 2009?
  8. Has Bruce ever missed a show?
  9. Who won in 2010?
  10. Who wrote the strictly come dancing annuals?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Strictly come dancing!