Wich Guy is for you!

There are two senseis and two students I used! I hope you like my quiz because i got bored of making it after a while lol dont ask about all the dancing by the way well have a very good time taking my quiz and dancing!

Find out wich nartuo guy is for you! I found out what guy was form because I made it lol. Ive all ways known what mine was it was kakashi well ya whos yours out of the 4 lol mk again have fun taking my quiz and dancing!

Created by: Paige

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to hang out with the one you like.
  2. Who decides were to go.
  3. Who kisses who?
  4. Do you like puppys!
  5. Would you rather date some oner smart or strong
  6. Do you like dorky men?
  7. Do you want a romantic date or beautiful date!
  8. Would date someone stronger than you or equal than you
  9. Its the end of your date do you walk him home or he walk you home
  10. Are you teird of dancing lol

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