Just another love story.

You Are A Very Colorful / Creative Person . You Are Very Open-Minded And Your Not Afraid To Show Everyone What You Got ! No Matter If It Is Art Or Just Singing , Acting , Dancing Or Whatever , You Like To Just Put It Out There And Not Be Scared To Show Your Talents .

Sorry I love but your hey hope you like my story. It's sort of true so haha yeah some parts aren't true blah. Well yeah I want to show y'all soemthu g but I can just yet

Created by: Cheesypuff29
  1. Your Monica Anderson, you have dark brown hair with purple, blue, and red highlights. (scene hair!) purplish and blue eyes, short and thin. Your really pale and by pale, I mean PALE!! So yeah
  2. "Jebus!" I shouted. I glared at Tom, who was now looking at floor. "Tom, I told you not to tell her, who I like!" Ugh, I hated when he would tell her, my secrets, but I can tell he loves her a lot and he would tell her everything. I wish Brandon would love me like that but he has a girlfriend.
  3. "I am sorry but she asked and I had to," Tom replied, "you know how much I love her and have to tell her everything." I stared at him and said, "Yeah yeah." I walked out of the room and went to my room.
  4. Brothers, never tell your brother who you like when he is dating the sister of the guy you like. Ugh, now she might tell him or try to get us together. I mean I would like that but I want to ask him or him ask me, you know what I mean, right?
  5. You heard a ring and realized it was doorbell. "I got it," You smiled as you ran down stairs to the door. As you slowly open the door you realized who it was, Tiffany, your brothers gf with Oh.My.Jebus. Brandon, your boy crush. "Hey, Monica." Tiffany smiled. "Hi, guys, come in." You let them in. Brandon has light brown hair, it was so perfect. Tall, lean body, perfect honey colored eyes, and pale complex.
  6. You practically drool over him. (:3) "Hello." Brandon waved at you. "whaa?" you said like you were in some sort of trance. Then you shook your head and said, "Oh, hey, Tom! Your girlfriend is here!" "Tiff, come up here." Oh, shiz. ._. they are doing this on purpose.
  7. There was deep awkward silence. Brandon was the first trying to break the awkward silence, "Soo...." "so?" "Hey, valentines day is almost here." "Yeah, do you have anyone in mind that you want to date?" "Yeah." Great, he likes someone, I wonder who. Oh, wait probably, Courtney, the preppy cheerleader who gets everything she wants.
  8. "Oh, cool." I forced a smile. He smiled and got up, extended his arm out. I grabbed took his hand and he lead me out the door. "Come on there is something I want to show you."
  9. We walked through the big forest, past branches, twigs and everything mostly till we are destination. It was.... Cliffhanger
  10. Beep beep.. Well hope you like. It!(:

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