What language should you learn?

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Many people wonder what they should learn as a second language. There are many you can choose from and find useful. This quiz uses 8 of the most popular world languages, but keep in mind there are tons of options out there for you.

So what language should you learn? Hopefully this quiz will give you an accurate result. By the way I apologize in advance if the translated version of the words were not correct. I used Google translation so I'm not a native speaker of these languages myself.

Created by: Anastasia
  1. Which of these language groups do you think you have more interest in or would be more useful?
  2. The following phrase is "Dreams come true" in several different languages. Choose the one that is most appealing to you.
  3. Where are you most likely to travel in the world?
  4. What type of career do you like best?
  5. Are you interested in learning more about your own heritage or another culture?
  6. Do you listen to any international music?
  7. Do you want to learn a more challenging language or one that's more easy?
  8. So what kind of climate do you find more appealing?
  9. Do you already know more than one language?
  10. Do you have much interest in history?

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