Lua: The Programming Gems Quiz

Lua is a programming language that is a popular for many reasons. Made by a Brazil collage group. Easy to learn, quicker to make, recommend in the game dev community.

This quiz is for my book, Lua. Which is in the series, I explain different programming languages. I recommend you take it if you read the book or you read the basics of Lua.

Created by: RockstarImp

  1. What's Lua?
  2. Why was Lua reworked?
  3. What's the difference between Programming & Computer Programming?
  4. Why do we comply?
  5. How many ways you can print?
  6. What's a string?
  7. What's isn't included in the statements?
  8. You use a while not loop if you want to loop when true.
  9. What's a table?
  10. What's a function?

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