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  • I got Japanese. I’m currently learning Cherokee and korean. My tribal language isn’t well preserved.

    Oneonta Sep 21 '18, 11:24PM
  • Yayy!!
    i got Hebrew.

    jemah jempot Apr 21 '18, 12:37PM
  • Haha I got german 91% :D

    GraceyCat Feb 22 '14, 9:15PM
  • Arabic!! super hard!! im already trying to learn and failing even if want to learn it. i guess im not trying hard enough as most of the time im not bothered. and why 'second' language when it is going to be my third or fourth?! oh and @crazygirl4112 stop chain mailing!!!!

    _StormRyder_ Jan 30 '14, 5:02PM
  • I got German. I speak mandarin and English. But.... I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK MANDARIN EVER AGAIN

    Hi im Jennifer Dec 18 '13, 4:00PM
  • French and Italian! Those languages are always on pocketbooks. And I am itching to learn them. Not bragging but btw if I learn this two languages, I would already be speaking 4 languages. Well, maybe because English is our second language. :)

    lovebooksandme Oct 26 '13, 1:25AM
  • I got German! So true i take a german class at my school

    foodluver22 Oct 12 '13, 7:30PM
  • I got 77% Chinese, but 74% Japanese. OTAKUS FTW

    RainInTheShadows Sep 23 '13, 1:11AM
  • I got 77% Chinese, but 74% Japanese. OTAKUS FTW

    RainInTheShadows Sep 23 '13, 1:10AM
  • French! I'm taking French for a semester.

    embeR Aug 27 '13, 9:44PM
  • I already speak French...nevermind.

    MiSs_CrImInAl Aug 3 '13, 9:12PM
  • 74% Mandarin Chinese, 74% Arabic, 68% Spanish

    wolvesrule65318 Jul 15 '13, 5:52AM
  • I got French,

    I probably got that answer because I answered: "Romantic Language" in the beginning.

    rotflmaster May 7 '13, 11:02PM
  • Wicked! German, Japanese and French, three languages I'm already itching to learn. J'adore parler Francais, mais je ne parle pas... uh... German or Japanese.

    Bookcat9 Apr 12 '13, 1:14PM
  • I got German. Second was French, and third was Russian.

    Sweet! c:

    T_McCoy Jan 30 '13, 8:00PM
  • I got Japaneese!!!!!! I've always wanted to learn either Chineese or Japaneese, but we tryed writing in Chineese a week ago in school, it was extremly hard, so I made my mind on Japanese!!!!!!!!I already speak fluent Russian, so I don't think i need to learn that!!!!!

    CompGeekie Dec 8 '12, 3:00PM
  • Wow,this thing is accurate. I got japanese,and i have always wanted to learn japanese! It's like this thing can read my mind or something.....

    puppals1 Oct 25 '12, 8:46PM
  • Italian!

    Erin1234 Oct 23 '12, 4:42PM
  • Wow. The test said i should learn Russian, and based on the career I want, I should learn Russian!!!

    crazygirl4112 Jul 16 '12, 4:15PM
  • Cool, I got Italian! (Italy seems SO cool!)Secound was French (I'm taking that this year) Third, Spanish (I took it last year, we learned how to SALSA DANCE!!!)and Fourth, German (I am German)

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 11 '12, 10:16PM
  • YAYZ German! ^-^

    slytherin queeen Jun 8 '12, 3:58AM
  • German! Yay i only know three words...Hallo Nein and Ja atleast i think Hallo is German...

    Whitewarrior Apr 27 '12, 10:02PM

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