Twin Gods in Greek Myth

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  1. Zeus says, this mortal made love to Agamemnon's wife unrighteously and then killed Agamemnon, "though he knew it would be the death of him; for I sent Hermes, the mighty watcher, to warn him not to do either of these things." Beside Agamemnon ( and little known Broteas) what mortal man ever wanted to woo Clytemnestra?
  2. The Minotaur was killed by which hero? With the help of Pricess Ariadne, this son of Aethra escaped the cruel bellowing and the wild son of Pasiphae and the coiled habitation of the crooked labyrinth.
  3. Hippolytos had been falsely accused by his stepmother Phaedra of adulterous advances toward her. Angered by the accusation his father summoned a sea-monster that resulted in the young man's death. Who is his father?
  4. Where Heracles impaled the body of four-hooved Asbolos, he inscribed the following epigram for him: "I, Asbolos, trembling at the vengeance of neither gods nor mortals, as I hang from a prickly, resin-filled pine tree, I am offered as a great feast for the immensely long-lived ravens." What race was Asbolos of?
  5. They say that Philoktíªtíªs was abandoned on Lemnos and dishonored in the sight of the Achaeans, after what creature darted out and bit his foot?
  6. Niobe's twelve children were destroyed in her palace, six daughters, and six sons in the pride of their youth, whom one divine twin killed with arrows from his silver bow, being angered with Niobe, and the other shaft-showering twin killed the daughters; because Niobe likened herself to Leto. Who were these brutal children of Leto?
  7. This elder statesman, famous orator, king of Pylos and horseman of Gerenia, bade Telemachus, the dear son of divine Odysseus, to sleep there on a corded bedstead under the echoing portico with Peisistratus, of the good ashen spear, a leader of men, who among his sons was still unwed in the palace. Who is this royal host?
  8. Castor and Polydeukes, the Tyndaridai, who sprang from Olympian Zeus. Beneath the heights of Taygetos stately Leda bare them, when the dark-clouded Son of Kronos had privily bent her to his will. What disguise was Zeus wearing at the time?
  9. One of the smithy-gods served as mid-wife for the birth of Zeus' eldest daughter . She sprang from his brow fully-grown and fully-armed. She is one of the few goddess protrayed wearing armor. Which of the following was NOT recognized as this goddess by the ancient Greeks?
  10. Calypso, a goddess has made her dwelling there, whose magician father knows the depths of all the seas, and he, no other, guards the tall pillars that keep the sky and the earth apart. Who is Calypso's father? Who is this fallen titan, brother to the twins Prometheus and Epimetheus?
  11. "Her eyes, twin pools of mystic light, The blend of star-sheen and black night; O'er which, to sound their glamouring haze, A man might bend, and vainly gaze." Okay maybe not, but what color were Athena's twin orbs?

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