A simple Beastars quiz.

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Welcome to this quiz the layout is as follows. There are 30 questions. The first 6 are from the wiki. The other 24 are based on the episodes 2 questions per episode.

These question can be anything from obvious features present throughout the series to small little details seen only in the background or mentioned in that episode.

Created by: sniperlazy

  1. What is the height difference between Legoshi and Haru?
  2. When is Dom's birthday?
  3. What species is Haru?
  4. What is the weight difference between Legoshi and Haru?
  5. What is Louis's product number?
  6. Name the spotted hyena that shares a room with Legoshi?
  7. Episode 1: When the herbivores and carnivores split and faced each other who spoke on behalf of the carnivores?
  8. Episode 1: Which body part did Louis sarcastically offer Legoshi?
  9. Episode 2: What colour was Haru's scent trail?
  10. Episode 2 : Haru asked Legoshi to move how many pots?
  11. Episode 3: At what age did Sheila work as a dominatrix?
  12. Episode 3: What is the recommended environmental time animals should experience?
  13. Episode 4: What was the time Bill mentioned to Louis in the nurse's office?
  14. Episode 4: What was the scent Legoshi smelled?
  15. Episode 5: What food did jack buy for Legoshi.
  16. Episode 5: While having lunch with Legoshi Haru kept fighting against one of her instincts. Name that instinct.
  17. Episode 6: How old was the devouring victim in episode 6?
  18. Episode 6: During the interrogation how many photos did Gohin take of Legoshi?
  19. Episode 7: Legom's eggs were usually sold on a Wednesday to which day was it moved?
  20. Episode 7: When Legoshi crushed the paint tubes they mixed to create which colour?
  21. Episode 8: What event lead to Legoshi and Haru missing the train?
  22. Episode 8: In the scuffle with Louis Juno mentioned a trait about female gray wolves. What is this trait?
  23. Episode 9: How many lions were seen running off with Haru?
  24. Episode 9: The mayor mentioned that he spent a lot of money on plastic surgery. How much did he spend?
  25. Episode 10: How much money was in Legoshi's wallet?
  26. Episode 10: Where is Gohin's weak spot?
  27. Episode 11: What did the Gourmet say about the taste of Legoshi's blood?
  28. Episode 11: Name the inter-species hotel Haru and Legoshi spent the night at.
  29. Episode 12: While speaking to Juno in the nurse's office Legoshi mentioned that he can hardly believe......
  30. Episode 12: What colour dress was Juno wearing?

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