Are you fit to be my supporter if I was mod?

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I think i would be fit to be mod. After all I’m very supportive of trump- actually I’m not- I dislike him as our president and for some reason I bet he will be re elected but thats okay because if Im mod, that can change!

Do u think I would be a good mod? Answer the questions below and u will find out just how intelligent u are simply by getting 100%! Theres no trick questions its all yes or no, very simple.

Created by: The Actual Boss

  1. Would u vote for trump?
  2. Do you like the idea of me having control over roles bans etc?
  3. Do you think Im annoying when I give political preachings
  4. Am I cooler than u?
  5. Do you agree that im fairly intelligent?
  6. Do u think i would be too rude in general if im mod?
  7. Do u support the idea of having no anime or minecraft channels?
  8. Do u like the idea of NiN being the main topic of choice?
  9. Do u agree with the idea of emoji limitations and only emojis that I like for example 10 anti trump emojis?
  10. Do u support the idea of 90% of the usernames being a boring color like black gray white etc?

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Quiz topic: Am I fit to be my supporter if I was mod?