What kind of dictator are you ?

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Welcome mate ! Ever wanted to become a great dict... beloved leader ? Alright, this quiz might show you how would you rule your country, and what kind of leader you really are !

( Obviously, this quiz is not scientific, the goal is just fun, not creating a new WW2. So, if you become a democratically elected president with 102% of positive votes, please do not thank me )

Created by: John Smith
  1. You took the power in a little country, and you have to change everything to make it a dictatorship. Do you have to eliminate your opponents ?
  2. The peasants are complaining about the high cost of life, what do you answer ?
  3. The army is ready to stage a coup against you. How do you contain the soldiers ?
  4. Your government isn't efficient anymore. How do you deal with it ?
  5. Do you love my quiz ?
  6. What is your opinion about propaganda ?
  7. A political opposition managed to appear, what do you do ?
  8. A great scientist fled from your country, what do you do ?
  9. How should the economy work ?
  10. The USA are interested by giving you "democracy", how do you react ?

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Quiz topic: What kind of dictator am I ?