Does your crush like you back? (girls only, sorry boys)

People do not know if some one has feelings for them. Are there signs that someone does have feelings? Feelings can never be explained. Or can they? People can not live with out feelings. Or can they? There are so many questions on feelings, especially right now because I have no idea what I am doing. Is it confusion? I don't know.

Does your crush have a crush on you? Do you ever wonder if he does or not. By taking this quiz you can find out if he does or not! So find out now girls!

Created by: Tina
  1. Do you ever find your crush staring at you?
  2. Have you ever talked to your crush before?
  3. What is your personality?
  4. What is his personality?
  5. What is your stereotype in school right now?
  6. What is his stereotype in school right now?
  7. Can you see you and your crush in the future together?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. Have you ever asked your crush out?
  10. Do you think your crush likes you. (Come on girls, be truthful!)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back? (girls only, sorry boys)