Do I like, like him?

Hello There are lots of girls and boys who find a puppy dog 🐶 crush, but I want them to make sure that , that's all it is. You never give up the oneeeeee.

Sooo you know a little help for any confusion one might have. Me personally , I have a lottttt. So know hehehe I'm here. And in this test there's fun, Info and a little story.

Created by: Destinie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Welcome, Ok, first When you first saw him what did you think?
  2. Ok,Can you picture a relationship with him?
  3. Alright,Do you guys talk?
  4. Related to the last question a little life story right so this boy I think I like , we talked and stuff and he played with myyyy hairrr ahhhhhhh hehe and I wasn't feeling good one day and he asked what's wrong did somebody mess with you. Do I need to beat somebodys ass. Hehehe ahhh it was so cute. Sry for getting off task.This not will effect score
  5. Alright back on track, What do you want to do whenever you see him?
  6. How do feel whenever you see him?
  7. Arighttt nextttt question, Do you think he likes you?
  8. Ok Ok ,How cute he is,to you?
  9. Alright last one, Can you honestly say that you like this guy?
  10. Welp,How do you feel after taking this test?

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