How well do you know "Never Say Never" (movie)?

The movie "Never Say Never" had just come out and many people are watching it! They maybe just watching it because of the CUTE Justin Bieber or because they like movies or because they want to throw tomatoes at the screen.

But what about you? Why were you watching that movie? And more importantly, have you learned anything from it? See how well you know Justin Bieber and his movie in this quiz! If you really love Justin Bieber, you will try and do a good job!

Created by: mynameismynameokay!??!
  1. How was Justin found?
  2. How many days did the tour take?
  3. What is Justin Bieber's manager's first name?
  4. Why did Justin have to cancel one of his concerts?
  5. What surprised Justin about Scooter's car?
  6. Which concert did Justin Bieber have to cancel?
  7. How long did it take to sell out the Madison Square Garden show?
  8. What day was Justin Bieber born on?
  9. Which celebrity blew off Justin Bieber when he was younger?
  10. Name one celebrity that sang with Justin Bieber in the Madison Square Garden performance?
  11. Who is Mama Jen?
  12. What did Justin Bieber want from McDonald's?
  13. Do you think that Justin Bieber is the most cutest, awesomest, best singer in the world???? (doesn't count against final result!)
  14. What song did Justin Bieber open with at the MSG performance?
  15. How old was Justin Bieber when he was found?
  16. What was the first instrument that Justin learned how to play?
  17. Did you enjoy the movie? (does not count towards final result!)
  18. Lastly, did you like this quiz? (does not count towards final result!)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Never Say Never" (movie)?