Are you a movie master

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A lot of people go to the movies, but not everyone pays attention. How well do you know Hollywood's product? 25 questions will reveal whether or not you are a movie master

Do you find old movies boring? Do you think Pauly Shore is a great actor? Then this might not be your quiz. Take a few minutes to answer a variety of movie trivia with a twist and find out!

Created by: JJ
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  1. Greatest film actor of all time
  2. Funniest animated movie
  3. Which of these fantasy movies was the most fun
  4. Which of these characters had the biggest problem with anger management
  5. Which of these actors made the best gunfighter
  6. Most dangerous space villain
  7. Which of these great actors made the best crazy whack-job
  8. Which of these films is the greatest epic
  9. Which of these "Best Picture" Oscar winners is the most over-rated
  10. Which of these is the best James Dean film
  11. Best sports movie
  12. Which of these actors made the best detective
  13. Which of these lawyers would you want to defend you on a murder charge
  14. Which is the best Christmas Movie
  15. Which of these is the best film on this list
  16. Which of these is Stanley Kubrick's best work
  17. Which of these comedies starring SNL Alum is the funniest
  18. Which of these characters would make the best drinking buddy
  19. Which of these famous movie quotes speaks the truth
  20. Which of these singers is/was a great actor
  21. Which of these final lines best fits the surprise ending of the movie
  22. Which Harrison Ford character do you want at your back in a fight
  23. Which prisoner would you parole first

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