What Animated Disney Movie Should You Watch?

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I don't know about you, but I LOVE the Disney and Disney Pixar movies, and I've seen some similar quizzes, so I decided to make this quiz to see which animated Disney you'd most enjoy watching.

This quiz is just for fun, so don't get all mad if you think it's not accurate or don't like the movie you get as your result. I hope you enjoy the quiz, Disney fans!

Created by: goodgirlo
  1. Are you excited about this quiz?
  2. Which of these movie genres is your favorite?
  3. Do you want a male main character or a female main character?
  4. Do you want dramatic action scenes or do you want it to be a little more low key?
  5. Do you mind if some of the characters aren't human?
  6. Do you want there to be scenes in which the characters display magical/superhuman ability?
  7. Do you want there to be a powerful villain with a vengeful scheme?
  8. I know falling in love isn't nearly as popular a theme in Disney Pixar movies as it is in the old fairy-tale Disney movies, but do you want there to be romance?
  9. Do you want the characters to go on an adventure and find their true selves along the way?
  10. Do you want it to be emotional and possibly make you cry?
  11. Do you want the main characters to be young children or teenagers/adults?
  12. Do you want the characters to sing or not?
  13. Do you want there to be multiple protagonists or do you want the movie to focus mainly on one character?
  14. I'm going to ask you questions based on scenarios from each movie, and your response will give me a better idea out of what you want from a movie. If the main character was kidnapped in the movie, what would you want to see them do?
  15. If a bad guy was chasing the protagonist down in the movie and was about to catch up to them, what would you want to see the protagonist do?
  16. If the main character went on a daring adventure, what would you most want to see happen?
  17. If the main character had magic powers, what would you want them to be able to do?
  18. If the main character was trapped in a horrible situation, what would you want them to do?
  19. If the main character found a strange creature in their closet, what would you want to see them do?
  20. Bonus question: Which of these quotes do you find the funniest?

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