Are you a film scholar?

A lot of people like movies. Many people consider themselves movie buffs. A film scholar is something very different, though, and there are very few of them out there. It requires an unbelievably high level of commitment to the art of cinema. Take this test to see if you're one of the few.

WARNING: If you've never seen a movie that's in black in white or has subtitles, stay the hell away from this quiz; it'll shatter your ego. Go watch a few movies and come back when you feel ready.

Created by: Drew

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  1. Which of the following is widely considered the greatest film ever made?
  2. What year is widely considered the greatest in the history of cinema?
  3. Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner are now in charge of United Artists. Which of the following people was NOT one of the original founders of the company?
  4. Which of the following directors is not associated with the French New Wave?
  5. Where is Ingmar Bergman from?
  6. What was the first summer blockbuster?
  7. After California and New York, which state has the largest film and television industry?
  8. Who directed Sunset Boulevard?
  9. Which of the following movies was NOT written by Charlie Kaufman?
  10. Who made the experimental film Dog Star Man?
  11. After making his second film, what director waited 20 years to make his third?

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