Justin Bieber for EXTREME fans!!!

This is a quiz for TRUE Beliebers, like me! TAke this quiz and see how much you know about Bieber! Find out how much u luvv Bieber! B e l i e b e r s o n l y!

Justin Bieber is awesome, funny, cool, cute, amazing, lalala.. OH YEAH i was talking! Bieber Fever! I have Bieber Fever cuz imma Belieber :D yes. I said it.

Created by: Anna
  1. Which is Justin Bieber's birthdate?
  2. What time was Justin born?
  3. What day of the week was Justin born?
  4. What is Justin's sister and brother's name?
  5. Which way did Justin flip his hair?
  6. Who was Justin singing with when he broke his ankle?
  7. What hospital was Justin born in?
  8. What kids TV show did Justin guest star in?
  9. What was the first name of the girl that got to meet Jusin in her room and went on "Ellen" the next day?
  10. What is the OFFICIAL name of the movie that is out for A WEEK with Justin Bieber?
  11. About how many followers does Justin have on Twitter?

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