Are you jb's ideal girl??

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There are many Justin Bieber fans, but are you his ideal girl? You'll never know, this quiz could lead to your future husband!!! Take this quiz to find out if your the one!!

Are YOU Justin Bieber's ideal girl?Do you Have Bieber Fever?? Take this awesome quiz to find out if you are Justin Bieber's Ideal girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: mrs bieber
  1. What is Justin's full name?
  2. What are Justin's two favorite colors?
  3. Is Justin a lefty or a righty?
  4. Do you truly love him?
  5. What is his favorite number?
  6. Who is his celebrity crush?
  7. Do you have Bieber Fever?
  8. What is his favorite candy?
  9. What is his favorite food?
  10. What is favorite tv show?

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Quiz topic: Am I jb's ideal girl??