how well do you know Justin Bieber

This quiz is all you need to know about JUSTIN BIEBER.Take it and you will be scored watch out there are some tricky questions but if you know all there is to know about him then you will get 100%.

Do you know all there is to know about JUSTIN BIEBER take this quiz and see how much you really know about The one and only the most sweet guy JUSTIN BIEBER

Created by: Maelin Tamashiro

  1. What is Justin Biebers favorite color?
  2. How old was he when he got discovered?
  3. What his his eye color?
  4. His best friendz names are what?
  5. Who discoverd him
  6. What is his favorite sport?
  7. What is his shoe size?
  8. What was his first hit single?
  9. Were was "Baby" filmed
  10. What is Justin Biebers sister name?
  11. What is Justin afraid of?
  12. When was Justin Bieber born

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber