Are you a bowler or are you not a bowler?

Many people claim to be a bowler, but some of these claims are false. I go bowling so I know the sport. Bowling is a sport in which you roll or throw a ball down a bowling lane to knock down pins in order to receive a score.

Do YOU think you are a bowler or are you curious to see if you are somewhat a bowler. Until now, you could only just wonder. But thanks to this quiz, in a few very short minutes, you will finally have your results!

Created by: Camden

  1. What would you consider an awesome 10 pin bowling score?
  2. What is a turkey?
  3. What is the best 10 pin bowling score possible?
  4. What does PBA stand for?
  5. What is the maximum amount of strike(s) you can get in one single 10 pin bowing game?
  6. What is the hardest split to convert in bowling?
  7. Candlepin and/or duckpin are two other types of bowling?
  8. Who is Jason Belmonte?
  9. Is hitting the pocket good in bowling?
  10. If you konck down all ten pins on your first shot what is it called?

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Quiz topic: Am I a bowler or am I not a bowler?