Demons Arise part one

By: Nathan Rogers, Jaysen Weaver, Oleana Smedley, and Laura Keller Edited By: Leticia Goguen & Nico Smedley. Hope you like it! Because it's awesome!

This story is about a demon named Justin and his sister Emily and his friends Wayde and Natalie. They are trying to kill Emily and Justin's dad, Asreus, because he is a maniac trying to kill everyone.

Created by: Dragondrawer216

  1. Long ago there was a man named Asreus. Asreus had the ability to do anything he wanted from reading a book in two seconds to Shape Shifting. Asreus had one child named Justin. One day as Justin was walking inside his home when he heard a loud thud upstairs. Justin ran upstairs and he found his father on the floor with blood pouring out of a large wound in his chest. Justin fell to the floor and started crying. He was only five at the time of his father’s murder. He is now 14, Justin was a 8th grader had dark blue/green eyes, orange hair and light skin. He and his three other friends, Wayde, Natalie and Emily all went on a journey to find the hidden world but to their surprise they found something else on there way.
  2. Wayde had black hair that was about six inches long with green eyes,light skin and he would wear a black bandanna, ripped jeans and a necklace with a obsidian guitar pick on it. Natalie had hair that was ombre that went down to her knee, she also had dark purple and light blue eyes, and light brown skin. She would always wear white jeans, a blue tiger hoodie and her special ring that turned into a bow made out of diamond. Emily had short dirty blonde hair with blue highlights with one ice blue eyes with flecks of gold in it, and the other was a ocean blue. She wears a blue locket all the time and is not much of a rule follower. She also wears her leather jacket everywhere.
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  4. One day at Fable Middle School Justin was sitting at his desk waiting for the ten minutes left of school to end. As he was walking out someone threw a paper ball that looked like it had writing in it. Justin opened the paper ball. The writing looked like somebody had been rushing to write this note. The note said “Meet me at the science lab at 10:00 PM Tomorrow”Justin thought to himself “Is this some kind of joke!?!” After a couple of minutes of thinking who it could be he decided to bike home. Justin tried calling Natalie but she didn't answer. He also tried calling Wayde and he did answer. “Yo” “Hey Wayde the weirdest thing just happened to me.” “What happened?” “So I was walking out of school and someone through a paper ball at me that said meet me at the science lab at 10:00 pm tomorrow.” “That’s extremely unusual!” “Do you mind coming with me maybe or are you too busy shredding on your guitar?” “I can go.” “Ok let me ask Natalie.” Justin called Natalie and she finally answered. “Hey Justin what's up?”
  5. “Me and Wayde need to break into school and i thought you might wanna come?” Well you know how much I love school and I don't want to be suspended or expelled just kidding school sucks i'm in.” The next morning Justin walked to school thinking on and on about who wrote that note. Wayde walked up to Justin. “Good morning Justin.” “Good morning.” “Where’s Natalie?” “ ello peeps.” Natalie said “Oh she’s here.” “Guys we need to come up with a plan to break in!” Justin said. “First let’s meet up outside Wayde’s house.” “ Ok you mind if I bring my skateboard?” “I’ll bring mine too”
  6. “RING-RING” The bell rang and everybody started heading to class. “See you guys later” Wayde headed to music class. Natalie headed to Biology, and Justin headed to the writing and art room. Natalie first stopped by her locker when she opened it a note fell out saying “I hope I see you there”” Natalie looked around but no one was there. While walking to the other side of the school for biology she was still wondering who was watching her. She arrived at Bio. During the whole class she was listening very carefully because this was the only class she liked. When the bell rang she was looking at everyone seeing who the suspects could be. One person walked by and looked at her straight in the eye. She saw something weird, she had multicolored eyes. She thought she was hallucinating but when Justin walked by he saw it too.
  7. When we were walking to lunch Wayde came up to them and asked what we we're talking about. Natalie said, “I got a note in my locker.” “What did it say?” “ It said that I was also coming to the lab like if he or she heard our plan..” “But we we're in the Janitor's closet.” said Justin.“Who could it freaking be? A Demon?!” Wayde said. “ I have been thinking about that but no one seems like a person who would do that.”“Really guys a Demon? How is that possible you... watch too much Anime”“Shut the hell up! I go to a church you know!” “Well we will find out at 10:00 pm.” “I hope” Natalie said. “Well better get to Geometry before i'm late… again.”
  8. “Meet you at writing” Said Wayde and Justin. Natalie realized what they can do, so she ran to them and said “Since we all go to writing maybe we can see if the mystery writer is in our class.” “How would we figure that out?” Said Wayde. “No one would let us see their writing they would think we are creeps!” “I have a better idea, so you could say that it's my birthday and ask everyone to sign the cards!” “That person seemed kind of rushed though” Justin said. “Then you ask them to sign it right before the bell rings and tell them to hurry!” “How would we hide it from you?” “Pft I hate writing just say that I felt sick so I uhhh…..” “You can make up the rest bye and good luck!” “Wait what? Fine..” They told the teacher about her being sick on her birthday.At the end of class they all signed the card.
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