A Nightmare in the Alley Part One

DESCRPITION OF HARMONY: Reddish Brown Hair, Hazel/Neon Green/Gold eyes (Neon Green only when transformed), very very pale skin, cupid bow lips, tall. :D

Okay, this is part uno obivously...For those few of you who read my intro thank youz! And if you haven't and want to, go ahead. :D I really hope you enyjoy my (FAIL) story.

Created by: Strangeling

  1. I live in a place high above the stars. A place where there are creatures too frightening, prices too high. We live in the dark, waiting to be called among the people of Earth. We watch you. We listen to you. We wait for you. We haunt you.
  2. "Wait. Watch. Listen. Do." Are the first words I hear. I am not to speak. Only to do as I am told. As I take a look at myself in the mirror I see a normal girl. Well, that's what I thought. I deadly zap went through my body, probably coming from the little needles poked in my skin. When I looked in the mirror again, I didn't see the normal girl once staring at me before. I saw a creation. I saw me. A winged me with lovely red tattoos covering my face, arms, legs, hands, and feet. On my forehead was a crescent-moon. "Aha! It worked!", said a man in a white coat. "Do not get overwhelmed Professor, this creation has a mind. We do not know if it will do as we wish.", said a man named Alan. "Hey, who you calling it?", I said. My first regret. I feel another death deifying zap. Pain was what I felt. A horrible pain. I crumbled to the ground. "I guess she needs some...Training.", said the Professor.
  3. For the next month, I trained hard. I was fast. I was strong. And I was powerful. They keep telling me "Wait. Watch. Listen. Do." I do not do what they say. I try to escape every chance I get. And now I can. I have gotten the ability to transport myself to wherever I want. I will be the first in this world to go to Earth.
  4. It was late. The perfect time to sneak out. I took a toothpick out of my pocket and picked the lock on the small door that locked me inside. Sadly, they were able to make the building power proof so I'd have to be outside to transport. Once I had finally unlocked it I quietly opened the door. I tip toed to the pad lock the kept the next door shut. I knew the password. I had seen the white coats do it many times. I punched in the numbers 157366. The pad lock said,"Access granted." In a robotic voice. The door opened and I slid out into the cold, brisk, outside air. Now, it's time for some fun.
  5. Once I had finished transporting, I was a amazed at what I saw. The sky was a bright blue, the sun was shining, I felt...Happy. A new feeling they had not taught me. I decided to get myself enrolled in a school. I just hope it isn't like the horror I faced in my world.
  6. When I entered the school I immanently knew where to go. The Principal's Office. When I entered he said,"Oh hello, we weren't expecting a new student." "Oh, I thought my mom had called or something to say I was coming...She must have forgot.", I said trying to think of a lie to cover that up. "Oh okay...What's your name?" My name? I'm not sure what my name was..."Harmony, Harmony Night." "Ah, very interesting name. Well, here's a schedule of your classes. Good day." I walked out of the room to my locker. It was weird I knew where to go. He hadn't told me what locker number I had. As I walked down the hall everyone was staring at me. It was probably the fact I was new or that my skin was just too pale. When I actually got to my locker a girl with brown hair and moss green eyes came up to me and said,"Hi, you're new aren't you? I'm Claire Ellenhart." "Yeah, I'm new. Oh my name is Harmony Night." "Nice name...Oh dang I'm going to be late for Math class.", Claire said closing her locker. "Oh, I have math too. Maybe we can walk together..." "Okay."
  7. For a person from high above the stars, had never been to Earth, and had been created only a week ago I was pretty darn smart if a say so myself. I zipped through my morning classes. During lunch Claire called me to sit with her friends who's names were Erin and Brandon. Erin had long black hair tied up in a ponytail, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. Brandon had light brown hair, lighter skin than Erin, and blue eyes. We talked about random things like tests, the cafeteria food (don't even get me started on that), and shopping sprees...Brandon almost fell of the bench from boredom. Mhm...I wonder what it would be like to compare the white coats' IQ to a loaf of bread...White Coats' IQ=Raisin Loaf of Bread's IQ=100
  8. Okay I'm back! o3o Okay okay...I know this was HORRIBLE. Well, too meh xP. Anyways. I'm having a little bit of a writer's block here. :C So, I might need some help on my next one! If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to add them. :D
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  10. ADIO MIA...Uh i forgot how to say readers in Italian. o3o

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