War Of My Heart ~part 2~

Hey people! You came back! :D And if this is the first quiz you've taken, TAKE THE FIRST ONE!!! Sorry! So, things are getting hotter now! More twists, more turns, more soup? Find out what I mean by reading this!

RECAP; So, you set a table on fire with your powers because you got angry, and your Dad locked you in the house, with the fire, saying he doesn't want a Mutant as a daughter! You were found by three hot guys, Ashley; Blonde hair, blue eyes, funny! Cody; Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 'in charge'! Darren; Black hair, green eyes, Emo! The took you to their house, a safe place for mutants. You also met two other girls, Cat and Sophia, and another 'unavailable' boy, Troy! They all have powers, blar blar blar, and then there is a scream from upstairs!

Created by: js0cj
  1. Right, who did you get last time?
  2. Everyone runs out of the living room and run to the source of the screaming. You get upstairs and run into a room labelled 'Computer room'. (Me; Every room in the house is labelled!) You run in to find Darren leaning against the wall, breathing heavy, and Ashley, laughing his a** off at Darren. "What happened?" Cody shouts, but his worried face turns angry. "Ashley, I told you last week to stop jumping out on people!" Cody shouts, and runs over to Darren and starts talking quietly to him. Cat walks over to Ashley and slaps him really hard. "You b***h! How could you do that to poor Darren?" She shouts, and Ashley stops his laughing and glares at her. "Because it's funny," Ashley says, trying to sound innocent, but fails, which makes you laugh. "See, ___ thought it was funny!" Ashley says, but Cat slaps him again. "You know she isn't. Everyone knows that!" She shouts. Well all of this is going on, Troy and Sophia sneak off, and you are left, stood there, watching shouting, and slapping!
  3. You decide to do something about it. "CAT! Stop shouting and slapping Ashley. He has a reason for trying to pull pranks off!" You shout. "Yer, listen to the girl!" Ashley says to Cat, who, by the looks of things, wants to slap him again. "ASHLEY! You need to stop hurting people for the fun of it!" You shout. "But I didn't hurt him. I just jumped out at him as he was coming in here!" Ashley shouts back. "I don't care if you jumped out or killed him, it's wrong!" You shout, which makes him look like he wants to back into a corner. "Yer Ashley!" Cody shouts over. "And you CODY! Calm down for goodness sake! Darren is fine!" Cody stands up straight, p**sed you stood up to him. "I'm guessing now you're going to shout at Darren for being a wimp or something," Ashley says, and it's your turn to want to slap him, but you don't. "No. Darren did nothing wrong, and I think you three should leave him alone, now!" You shout. "Why should we?" Cody says to you. You get really angry, and just then, one of the computers jumps into flames. Everyone jumps away, and Cat shoots ice and snow at the computer and the fire goes out. Everyone stares at you. You are still angry, and turn and run out.
  4. You keep running down the corridors, trying to run out of the fears, run out of the troubles, run out of energy. You stumble your last steps into a room labelled 'Sophia's room- enter at own risk!' You walked in and looked at the red room before you, before collapsing onto the red rug, falling into a deep sleep!
  5. You keep running down the corridors, trying to run out of the fears, run out of the troubles, run out of energy. You stumble your last steps into a room labelled 'Sophia's room- enter at own risk!' You walked in and looked at the red room before you, before collapsing onto the red rug, falling into a deep sleep!
  6. "Is she awake yet?"-"No, why do you care? I'm your girlfriend, not her"-"Why don't you care about her? What has she done to you?"-"She came in my room for one!"-"Maybe she was lost and she was looking for one of us, and she passed out here?"-"No, still don't get it. Why would she just pass out?"-"You are selfish sometimes Soph"-"I don't want to hear it Troy!"-"Wait, Ashley's talking to me..." *silence* "He was asking if I seen ___"-"What did you tell him? No, she left a suicide note though..."-"SOPH!!!"-"Oh shut up Troy! It sounds like you care about ___"-"I do, she's part of the house now! We've all got to care for each other"-"Not like that! It's like you're trying to replace me!"-"Why would I do that?"-"Because you've played in the past, and who's to say you haven't stopped?"-"Soph!" Just then, you slowly open your eyes...
  7. The first thing you see is the one worried face of Troy, and then p**sed off face of Sophia. "___!" Troy shouts, smiling to see you awake. Sophia rolls her eyes and stands up and walks over and sits on the sofa in the corner. You look around and see you're still in Sophia's room, but in her bed now. "What happened?" Troy asks you. "Well, I shouted at everyone in the computer room, and then ran. I had no idea why I ran, but I ended up out of energy, and I ran in here, and collapsed," you said and Troy nods, understanding. Just then, the door flies open and all of the others run in. "___! Are you ok?" Cody asks. You nod. "Thank god you're alive! I thought Sophia killed you when Troy said to me you were lying unconscious in Sophia's room!" Ashley says, which makes you smile. This comment also makes Sophia stand up and say, didn't anyone read what it says on the door? GET OUT!" Everyone walks out Sophia's room, except Troy and Sophia. You follow the guys and Cat down to the living room. You all sit down, annoyed you had to live with Sophia. "So then, Torch..." Ashley says. You stare at him, still a little angry. "Yer, I heard..." He says. You sigh. Why does your life have to be complicated? You look at the clock. 12. Your stomach grumbles, loudly. Cody laughs and says, "I guess that's the cue to get my a** in the kitchen and cook some lunch!" You laugh.
  8. You all walk through to the kitchen and Cody roots through the cupboard. Finally, he finds a giant tin of tomato soup, and starts to make it. You, Ashley and Cat sit at the table while Darren sneaks out to the living room. Because Cat and Ashley are talking, or more like arguing, you go and fine Darren. You walk in to find him sitting on the sofa, listening to his Ipod. You walk over and sit next to him. He sees you and jumps to the other side of the sofa. "What? Don't you like me?" You say, feeling offended. "I do, it's just... I don't want to hurt you!" He whispers. You feel bad now... "I'm sorry," you whisper. There is an awkward silence between you, when you say, "So, what you listening to?" He looks at you, but then says, "Greenday..." Silence again. Just then, Cody shouts that dinner's ready!
  9. You walk through to the kitchen to find Cody clearing up, Ashley drinking the soup from the bowl, and Cat staring disgusted at him! You laugh at Ashley and walk over and start eating. Ashley. Finishes his first bowl, and asks for more soup. Stupidly, Cody gives him some more, and Ashley continues driving it, annoyingly! Cat gets a mischievous look in her eyes, and she places a finger on Ashley's bowl. Two seconds later, Ashley's screaming. Cat and you both laugh. Cat had frozen Ashley's soup, and now he's got it stuck to his lips! Cody turn, and laughs as well, but then decides to help. He walks over and grabs the bowl and tries to tug it off, but fails. He tries again, when you tug Cody's arm and say, "Cody! You're gonna rip his skin off doing that!" and you place a hand on the bowl. Three seconds later, liquid tomato soup spills all over the table, and all down Ashley. You had melted it, BTW! Ashley stared at thin air, shivering because of the slightly cold soup over him. You laugh, Cody's worrying about staining the table cloth, and Cat's sat smirking, enjoying the pleasure of finally getting Ashley!
  10. Ashley stands up from his chair and goes to walk to his room, when Cody stops him. "For goodness sake Ashley, take your top off! We don't want tomato all over the house!" Ashley shrugs, and takes his top off. And, Oh... My... God... That guy must be a guy who works out, because of the abs he had! You can't keep your eyes off them. Ashley smiles, and says, "___, the face's up here!" You blush, and continue eating. Ashley laughs and goes upstairs.
  11. Sophia and Troy walk in. Troy looks very hungry, and Sophia looks a little distressed. "Was Ashley posing for ___?" She says annoyingly as she sat down the other side of Cat. Troy laughs a little, but, strangely, when he see's your not laughing, he stops. Cody tells them what happened, and they both laugh. "Do you know what? I blame ___ for melting it! Ashley would have been ok minus a pair of lips if Cody had pulled it off! At least then he wouldn't be able to kiss ___," Sophia says. You shout back, "Shut up Sophia! I don't like Ashley anyway!" Just then, there is a thud by the door. You look over to see the very shocked, very emotionally hurt Ashley.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! So, sorry about the cliffhangers! I'll try and make the third one today!
  13. Oh, please comment on ideas, and please tell me, who wants Troy to be an option?
  14. And thank you for commenting, and 'HI!!!' To Mayrose! Luv ur story! Oh, sorry people! Come back soon! Oh, who do you like?

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