What Warriors Clan Are You in???

I know you are not reading this but if you are, good for you. Are you in ShadowClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, or RiverClan?

If you like Adele you are awesome. If you like cheese you are awesome. If you ever take more quizzes of mine you are awesome. If you like cats you are awesome. Omelets are good.

Created by: krazykat
  1. This is basically like those story quizzes everybody loves to take. Just choose what you would do; at the end there are some questions non-story related but answer them, they are important!
  2. You are hunting with a fellow warrior when you spy a rustling bush and a flash of red fur. What do you do???
  3. You manage to kill the fox, but your clanmate is hurt badly! You don't know but you think their leg is broken. What do you do???
  4. You bring them to the meds. Cat and she confirms that their leg is broken. You ask her if you can help with anything; she asks if you can fetch her some poppy seed. She needs more. Do you get it?
  5. Scene change: you are at the Gathering, and one particular tom seems to be stirring up some trouble. Your leader has just warned the clans about the foxes in your territory and he says,"That clan is weak! They just want our sympathy." ???
  6. You got an apprentice! What do they have in common with you personality wise?
  7. Time for our non story questions.
  8. What is your element?
  9. What color?
  10. What pelt color?
  11. You would hunt...
  12. Comment+rate?

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Quiz topic: What Warriors Clan am I in???