warriors roleplay all RP

This is a QUIZ THAT GETS IN DEEP, TO SEE IF you are fit to join a clan, or a gang. you will find which gang/clan to join on warriors roleplay all rolpleay after taking this quiz!

So, Do you belong to the loyal and trustful LightningClan and ice clan? the adventurous sapphireClan and breezeclan? the tempered but fun fireclan? the secretive darkcan? the mixed gang of all creatures but rodaents that is stonegang? or the blood thirsty cruel cats that is pain's gang? find out here!

Created by: cathy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you like most?
  2. how loyal are you?
  3. do you like running?
  4. do you like swimming?
  5. do you have a temper?
  7. do you like this quiz?
  8. do you like night?
  9. do you like warriors roleplay all roleplay?
  10. do you love all types of animals? AKA badgers, foxes,wolves,cats,big birds, all together?

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