What is your warrior cats Clan????

If you have read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, this quiz is for you. If not, bye! Yes, I know you've probably taken about 10000(a lot more 0s) Clan quizzes, but most of them stereotype ShadowClan as evil. THIS ONE DOES NOT!!!!

So this is a Clan quiz. If you absolutely hate these then you are welcome to leave right now. By the way, I didn't choose to put the whole gender/ age question thing on this quiz but they MADE ME! Am I keeping you from taking the quiz? Yeah I guess I am. Okay now take the quiz!

Created by: Cassiopeia

  1. (rp quetion) Your camp is under attack! You...
  2. There is a rogue on you territory! You...
  3. If you had a superpower it would be...
  4. I know you hate this question, but what is you favorite color?
  5. Again, I know these questions are stupid and you can leave right now if you want, but what is your personality?
  6. (rp question) (and yes, I know this has been used before but it's awesome.) You see a huge pile of prey from another Clan. It is just over the border of your territory. You...
  7. Your favorite song out of these is...
  8. Do you like the night?
  9. Do you like water?
  10. Do you like being outside?
  11. What do you want you Clan to be?
  12. That's it! Thanks!

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Quiz topic: What is my warrior cats Clan????