The Firestar and Friends Quiz

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There are many warrior cat fans, but are you the ultimate fan? If yes, try the 'The Firestar and Friends Quiz!' Find out if you are a kit,apprentice, warrior, mentor, clan deputy or the no.1 goal, a leader!

The ultimate warrior cat quiz starts here, now!!!! Find out your clan position, whether it is a kit,apprentice, warrior, mentor, clan deputy or a leader!

Created by: leopardhead
  1. What is Firepaw's kittypet name?
  2. Who is Firepaw's unshared mentor
  3. Which cat does Tigerclaw accuse of being a traitor in into the wild?
  4. Who was the deputy before Rusty arrived?
  5. Who killed Redtail?
  6. Who was the medicine cat when Firepaw arrived?
  7. Who is Firestar's mate?
  8. Who is Firestar's deputy?
  9. Who is Greystripe's mate?
  10. Who was Fireheart's first apprentice?

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