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Hi! Welcome to my Quiz! This Quiz is about the life of a warrior cat, all the way from an apprentice to a senior warrior/queen. Who are your friends? What do you do? Do you have a mate?

All will be revealed in this Quiz! Don’t worry, you don’t have to declare any personal information, but note that this Quiz is mostly for females. Still, if you are a boy, you can do this Quiz too, but you will be female character. There is a Part 2 of this Quiz! Stay tuned and enjoy!

Created by: Echosong

  1. You are the only daughter of Stormstar and his deputy, Morningflower. What is your name?
  2. Your mother, Morningflower (golden she-cat with green eyes), is allowed to choose your mentor. Who are you hoping for?
  3. Morningflower gives you Wishfur as your mentor. You...
  4. Wishfur takes you on a tour of the territory. You stop because you see...
  5. (Squirrel) You drop into a hunting crouch and pounce on the animal, killing it. You...
  6. (Cat) It’s your father, Stormstar! You...
  7. After you eat, you go into the apprentices den. Your best friend, Leafpaw (grey she-cat), asks if you like any toms!
  8. You wake up in the morning to discover Blazepaw (ginger tom) staring at you. You...
  9. Wishfur takes you to climb trees. You climb one, but fall out! Thrushfur, the medicine cat is called. You...
  10. You have a broken paw! Thrushfur is not sure you can be a warrior!
  11. Your parents and the other apprentices stay by your side.
  12. Blazepaw visits you whenever he can; bringing wet moss and delicious prey. You...
  13. Finally, a moon later, you are allowed back to warrior duties.
  14. Blazepaw has been helping you get back to full health. He spends a lot of time with you...
  15. One day, Birdkit, your little sister, stumbles out of the nursery. A hawk swoops! You...
  16. (Kit) You grab her, pulling her out of the bird’s talons and straight into Morningflower’s paws!
  17. (Hawk) The hawk drops Birdkit, screeching. You claw it, killing it.
  18. Morningflower covers you in licks. “Oh, my precious daughter! Thank you!” You...
  19. Blazepaw licks your ears. “-paw! You were amazing!” You...
  20. Stormstar leaps onto the Clanrock. “-paw, Blazepaw, Leafpaw, Smokepaw, Flowerpaw, Thornpaw; step forwards.” Your warrior ceremony! “-paw,” Stormstar continues, “You will be known as -heart.” You are a warrior!
  21. Blazefur, Leafpelt, Smokeclaw, Flowerstorm and Thornwing sit with you for vigil. You lean against Blazefur, purring.
  22. Wishfur comes to relieve you from vigil. “-heart,” she says, “I’m expecting kits!”
  23. You are sleeping in the warriors’ den tonight!
  24. Morningflower asks you to go hunting with her.
  25. Your mother and you leave the camp to hunt. She waits until you are away from camp and says: “-heart, do you want a family?”
  26. (Yes) Morningflower nods approvingly. “Good. Before I loved your father and I became a queen; I didn’t want kits. But then I had you, -heart, and then Birdkit, Icekit, Rosekit and Sweetkit, and I changed.”
  27. (No) Your mother frowns. “Why not?”
  28. You and Morningflower catch a rabbit and two mice for the Clan.
  29. Morningflower takes the mice to her kits and leaves you by the fresh kill pile. You take the rabbit to the elders and choose a thrush for yourself. Blazefur pass up and asks to share.
  30. “-heart” He whispers, “I-I want to tell you something.”“Anything,” you respond. “-heart, I love you.”
  31. Blazefur purrs. “Do you want to become mates?” Your eyes glow.
  32. He purrs and licks your cheek. “You have such beautiful silver fur and green eyes. I hope our kits inherit that.”
  33. Stormstar pads over to you. “Hey. Could you please take my apprentice out hunting? I want to visit Morningflower.”
  34. You, Blazefur and Rainpaw leave camp. Rainpaw gazes at you with wide eyes. “You’re Stormstar’s daughter!” She mews. You glance at Blazefur. “Yes. She’s definitely got his hunting skills!” He says.
  35. Rainpaw is a keen hunter and catches a mouse and a bird. She rushes back to camp, her tail high. “-heart, I really love you.” Blazefur whispers.
  36. You wake up and realise that Poolclaw’s kits will be apprenticed. You...
  37. “Let all cats gather for a Clan meeting!” Stormstar yowls. The kits bounce. “Streamkit, you will be Streampaw. Your mentor is Blazefur.” You cheer. “Riverkit, you will be Riverpaw. Your mentor is -heart.”
  38. Streampaw and Riverpaw are very excited. “Can we go outside? Please, please, please?” Riverpaw begs. You agree and leave the camp with Blazefur. Where do you go?
  39. (Borders) You hurry to VineClan’s border. “This is VineClan’s border, ‘paws.” Blazefur says. You show the ‘paws how to renew scent markers when a patrol pads up. “Look at the pretty she-cat!” a tom hisses. You freeze.
  40. (Hunting grounds) You and the group are patrolling when a VineClan patrol crosses the border! The apprentices freeze; they have no battle training. “Streampaw, Riverpaw, get back to camp, now! Bring back up!” You hiss to the grey brothers. They vanish. What do you say to the toms?
  41. The three patrolling toms start circling you. “Calm down, pretty she-cat.” one hisses. You slice his nose. “Feisty she-cat,” hisses another. You bite his ear, growling. “Attack!” they yowl. What do you do?
  42. No matter what you try, it’s three against one. Blazefur is badly hurt and rushes back to camp, but you were unharmed. The toms drag you to VineClan camp as a prisoner!
  43. “Whitestar will not like this!” you hiss. The toms purr.“Very funny, little cat. He sent us to kidnap you!”
  44. Whitestar actually did order you to be captured, you discover as you enter VineClan’s camp.
  45. “Ah, the she-cat. Stormstar and Morningflower’s daughter.” Whitestar purrs. “Let me go, fox heart!” You screech. “No, pretty she-cat! I want you to be my mate!”
  46. He bares his teeth. “Tornfur, Adderfang and Clawface; take her away!”
  47. Clawface hits you in the head, knocking you out.
  48. You wake up to find Whitestar next to you.
  49. He clamps his tail across your mouth. “Why do you struggle? You are the mate of a leader! Our kits will be amazing!”
  50. His eyes darken. “Fine!” He hisses. He gets a vine, wraps it around your neck and lashes the vine to a tree!
  51. A quarter moon passes. The warrior bring you lots of water but almost no food. You only get crow food scraps. Also, you are never released. One day, a beautiful black she-cat comes to talk to you. “My name is Echorain. I-I want to help you.”
  52. “Because I was stolen too. Your Clan thought I was dead.” She mews.
  53. Echorain slices the vine. “Quick, come on!” she whispers. You hurry out of the camp and cross the border.
  54. You spot a patrol. It’s Stormstar, Morningflower and Blazefur! You...
  55. You run, Echorain beside you. “-heart!” Blazefur screeches. He hurls himself at you, purring.
  56. Stormstar runs to your side, but Morningflower is staring at Echorain. “Echorain? My sister!” she whispers. The sister rush at each other, purring.
  57. You are starving and your ribs show beneath your pelt. “My daughter, what have they done to you?” Stormstar whispers.
  58. When you get back to camp, cheers start.
  59. Blazefur takes you straight to Thrushfur. You are feeling very weak. “Great StarClan!” he exclaims, “You poor thing!”
  60. Thrushfur gives you herbs and Blazefur gets you fresh-kill.

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