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This time, I'm going to try to make my quizzes better. Sound good to you? The life of a warrior is now going into leaf-fall and you become a queen and nurse kits.

Who you truly love remains undecided, although you have a mate, you could still not appreciate it. And any movement might change your life, big or small . . .

  1. What was your previous result?
  2. "Emberflower!" called your brother, Blazeheart. After an injury from a badger, he had chosen to become a medicine cat. You stood and went over. "What is it?" you meow. He is silent for a moment. "I'm afraid your pregnant."
  3. "What do you mean I'm pregnant!?" you yowl. Blazeheart was about to speak when Crowleaf, Scorchwhisper, Muddystorm, and Foxclaw walk in. Their eyes were full of suprise and sadness. "Is it... True?" asked Crowleaf.
  4. "But why? How?" asked Scorchwhisper. "What do you think?" growled Muddystorm. "She doesn't love any of us. So she chose some random tom to mate with, when all of us love her."
  5. Muddystorm had caught sight of Foxclaw. "I want to hear what Foxclaw has to say." he growled. "You've been awfully quiet!" he shifted on his paws. "Foxclaw's the father!" you blurted out. The toms gazes all turned to you. Who do you apologize to?
  6. All the toms are silent and giving you burning glares, except Foxclaw. TIMESKIP 2 MOONS!!!
  7. When you wake up, you feel worse. Shudders run through your body. It isn't a cough this time. It's something else. You let out a wordless yowl of pain. Scorchwhisper fetched Blazeheart while Foxclaw rushed to get moss. Blazeheart came and gave you a stick. You shivered and squeezed the stick in your jaws as your first kit slid out, then the second. You though it was over, but another shudder ran through you and a third kit came. "Congratulations," Blazeheart said. "Two toms and a she-kit." Foxclaw came. "What will we name them, Emberflower?" he asked. "Leafkit," you say, pointing your muzzle to a white she-kit with ginger stripes. She had pale green eyes. "Stormkit." You flicked your tail to a gray tom-kit with one amber and one blue eye. "And this will be Ashkit." Foxclaw turned to the last one, a silver tom-kit with blue eyes. You purr, and he does the same. You think:
  8. What Tom do you not like the most? They will be known as x—————x(Credit to Pathbreeze!)!
  9. You are given borage leaves and a bit of tansy in case you might run out of breath and start coughing. You didn't, luckily. Stormkit started blinking while Ashkit curled up and Leafkit looked around with wide eyes. They had opened their eyes quickly, but were still newborns and too young to wander. x__________x comes in and drops a nice, juicy, freshly killed mouse at your paws. "Eat." Suspicious, you slice the mouse open and see something red. Deathberries! Your reaction!
  10. Shocked, you take the prey to Blazeheart’s den. Acornpaw is there, and she is also shocked. "Who gave you this?" Acornpaw asks. "x________x," you say. "Well, he won't get away with it," said Acornpaw. "I'm telling your mate and Rainstar." You think:

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