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  • Need some opinions
    "You gotta know we dont have snow here in November, try April "
  • Need some opinions
    "You know, "spirits of the snowmen ;) " sounds like an oddly sexual horror film. If only it snowed in November in the UK, we wou"
  • Need some opinions
    "thats very true, especially in November, you can just "feel" the nature trying to connect ..."
  • Need some opinions
    "I was thinking that but im really not sure what to go as... yeah going butt nekid sounds like a goodidea tbh"
  • Need some opinions
    "Well i dont live on my own but i do everything anyway. I just needed ideas what to go as really, but thanks"
  • Need some opinions
    "Okay, quick intro: Im name and I was popular on this site 6 years ago. Enjoy the ride of gotoquiz. I need some strangers opinio"
  • "you guys deserve some cake "
  • My life is so boring
    "i feel your pain"
  • 2-person soap.
    "{sorry..i fell asleep} Alex noticed to girls embarrassment and turned away. He ran away with his thoughts for the next hour. "
  • 2-person soap.
    "The rare sight of a smirk graced Alex's face. He was also known for being late multiple times, but due to his undeniable rage, the teachers ..."
  • 2-person soap.
    "Alex held the pen in his hand, not paying attention to his teachers voice. "I can make it through today. Its just one more day" He raised hi..."
  • 2-person soap.
    "The school bell rung for the start of the day. Autumn was here. Alex took his seat in the middle of the room, ready to endure the day"
  • 2-person soap.
    "because im a nice llama okay.. Name: Alex Gender: Male Age: 16 Hair: Br"
  • 2-person soap.
    "okay, do you want to start?"
  • just a question...
    "The thought of someone that close to me freaks me out so i am afraid i cant give you my advice."

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