What Type Of Supernatural Power Are You Likely To Have?

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Although it is debatable as to whether Supernatural Powers actually exist, science has proven that a small amount of the world's population can actually be able to things 100 times better than the average person without even having to learn it... Are you one of them?

Well this quiz isn't going to be all that accurate I think but either way I hope you enjoy and remember to be honest and keep an open mind, sometimes things may not be as they seem... Now go on, take the quiz.

Created by: Kish
  1. Have you ever felt that a particular person is going to call you and someone actually does call you?
  2. Have you ever felt like you know the feelings of the people around you even if you don't know them?
  3. Have you ever felt your palms heating up to a higher temperature than usual specially if you are angry or jealous?
  4. Do you have a very short temper and/or easily become quite violent?
  5. Have you ever imagined someone fighting or doing something random and they end up doing that very same thing a few minutes later?
  6. Have you ever thought of something and then realise that its a completely random thought and had nothing to do with what you were doing?
  7. Do you feel that you can jump higher than most people, say higher than an average person can?
  8. Are you afraid of heights?
  9. When you are talking to someone, have you ever had the feeling that they were most definitely lying to you about something?
  10. Have you ever been back-stabbed by anyone before?
  11. Do you sometimes hear voices when you are alone and it wasn't you?
  12. Do you sometimes see someone turn around look back and they gone? Or do you hear footsteps when absolutely no one could have made them?
  13. Do you sometimes feel like you know where a certain person is even though they never told you where they had gone?
  14. Do you find it easier to find things than other people? Say your mom's shoes are missing are you usually able to find it quite easier than the others? (and no don't blame the dog)
  15. Have you ever felt or heard something move around even though there was no one there to move it?
  16. Do you think you have above average strength compared to an average person?
  17. Have you ever dreamt of moving around on places around in earth (even moving around in your house)?
  18. Are you a deep sleeper? Like even if there were gun shots right outside your house, are you likely to continue sleeping without hearing a sound?
  19. Do you feel like you can heal physical wounds faster than other people? Like say you cut yourself?
  20. If you were given the option of either healing other people or healing yourself, what would you choose?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Supernatural Power am I Likely To Have?