Are you a mermaid or a fairy?

Have you ever asked yourself what is your power? What is your gift? What were you in 'last life'? No? Yes? However, you can do it now! Discover your power. Are you born to swim with dolphins, or fly with birds? Or you're born to walk on the ground and cast curses on others?

This quiz will help you find out your real gift. Your power. Call it however you want. We all have that our 'power'. What is our supernatural ability. But which is yours? Well, it will take you only couple of minutes to do this quiz and find out! Good luck!

Created by: Jane123_321
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which is your favourite element?
  2. Which is your favourite ability?
  3. Which is your fav animal?
  4. Do you play Howrse?
  5. My favourite book is...
  6. Which is your favourite type of horses(power)?
  7. *Only for The Sims 3 players* Why do you love The Sims 3 Supernatural?
  8. *Only for Howrse players* Which are your favourite horses (Divines, specials, wilds or maybe even GAs and 5th elements!)?
  9. *THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!* Which is your favourite movie?
  10. What were you for last halloween?
  11. Your favourite color?

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Quiz topic: Am I a mermaid or a fairy?