What Magic Creature Are You?

have you ever wondered what magical creature you would be, if you were not a human? would you be a fun loving fairy, who cares to have fun 100% of the time? A pixie, who is an incurable prankster and can't get enough of a good time? Or a graceful and slow going mermaid?

what one are you? Is your inner magic in the form of a sweet fairy, shy nimph, or charming mermaid, or sly pixie? if you want to find out, then this is the qui you need to take!

Created by: lol.live

  1. out of these, what is the thing you care about most?
  2. your favorite activity out of these
  3. what animal would you like to be out of these
  4. your pet pet peeve is
  5. what do you look for in a friend
  6. you like to be around people
  7. your favorite food
  8. how do you feel about global warming
  9. you see a wounded bird, but you can tell it's alive. you do what?
  10. what you care most about is what?

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Quiz topic: What Magic Creature am I?