How well do you know RoM?

You got it? You know....The Runes of Magic FEVER! Some say they love Runes of Magic but few really know anything about the game. Now you can find out if your just a noob like the other noobs or your a step ahead and a class above.

"How well do you know Runes of Magic,(RoM)?" was made from Dasadorah and Nightpool (yep, Nightpool lost a finger and a small part of his toe in makeing this). Something just for fun and to past some time. Dont forget to share your results and post your % in this topic.

Created by: Dasadorah

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  1. How many classes are there?
  2. How many total combinations can you make out of the current classes?
  3. What does NDA mean?
  4. RoM Game Convention date started when?
  5. What is RoM world called?
  6. How many factions are there?
  7. How many currently items are available for your house?
  8. When is Open Beta?
  9. How many lines are allowed in your signature?
  10. Is there a crafting system in RoM?
  11. What lvl do you get your secondary class?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know RoM?