What Rainbow Magic Personality Are you?

Think about it: Are you really the person you think you are? Go ahead. Tell yourself that you're a Kirsty. Now think again. Are you a self-trained, class-A burglar? The answer might change your whole outlook on yourself.

Here comes "What Rainbow Magic Personality Are You?", a successor to my previous quiz, "What Ninjago Character Are You?". You thought you were a Rachel. Chances are, you aren't. Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Anna
  1. What result do you think you'll get on this Quiz?
  2. What response would you give if you coincidentally stumbled upon an upside down pot at the end of a rainbow?
  3. Do you like to steal and (try to) destroy other people's stuff?
  4. Is bad luck:
  5. So somebody is frozen solid and in danger of shattering or the like. Your response?
  6. Is your career a secret?
  7. Do your personal belongings get stolen on a daily basis?
  8. Hair color?
  9. Do you enjoy helping others?
  10. What is your pet? (Don't have a pet?Select the option you like best)

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Quiz topic: What Rainbow Magic Personality am I?