Let's Get Our Random On

Wild guessing and randomness have always gone wonderfully together, but this quiz takes it to the next level! Only one person should ace this quiz- and that person is me, Anna!

This quiz is a smorgasbord of stupidity. Take it, and you are certain to run into Rainbow Magic, Julie Bowe, Stuart Little (wait a moment, we don't have him), and even some Ninjago! What is my mother cooking right now? What was my grandma's favorite doll? Can you guess correctly in "Let's Get Our Random On"?

Created by: Anna

  1. What is the name of the song Spongebob sings in "Band Geeks"?
  2. In "Amber The Orange Fairy", what did Rachel and Kirsty use to open the shell?
  3. What is the name of the greedy girl in "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"?
  4. As I make this quiz, Mom is making something for breakfast. What is she making?
  5. Who does Nya date in Ninjago?
  6. What was my great-grandmother's favorite American Girl doll?
  7. In what style was "Rainbow Magic: Return To Rainspell Island" animated?
  8. Do I like Barbies?
  9. Does Jenna become Ida's partial friend in any of the Friends For Keeps books by Julie Bowe?
  10. Before making this quiz, how many Ninjago quizzes did I make?
  11. Who voices Kai in Ninjago?

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