Guilty Pleasure- A Rainbow Magic quiz

Rainbow Magic, the series about Rachel and Kirsty saving fairies that has been around for a while now. Not many are experts on the books. I, however, am.

Do you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Probably not. Do you indulge in the Guilty Pleasure of RB books? If you do, you can ace this quiz. May the fairies be with you!

Created by: Anna

  1. In what book was Rachel frozen solid and then almost fell off a cliff?
  2. The girls DELIBERATELY did what in Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy?
  3. What TV trope have Rachel and Kirsty been compared to? (Hint: overly sweet and talented)
  4. What does Jack Frost do in both "Return to Rainspell Island" and Sadie the Saxophone Fairy?
  5. About how old are Rachel and Kirsty?
  6. How many Rainbow Magic books exist?
  7. Do the girls ever show any outward examples of acute fighting skills?
  8. Who is Daisy Meadows?
  9. Who currently draws the pictures for the books?
  10. What type of dance does Kirsty take and in what book do we find out?
  11. What fairy has a bracelet as one of her special items?

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