Bifrost House Quiz (Nordic Magic School)

After the giants destroyed old Bifrost the students of the nordic countries have not had a school in their own language in close to a hundred years. The wissards and Witches of the north have had to do with Durmstrang or Hogwarts. Though most have chosen Durmstrang because of the narrow viewings of "dark" magic in brittain, witch condems a lot of the traditional magic of the north.

Granted most grown people now look with fondness at there time there. But some issues have remaned. Parests have for decades had to take on the task of teaching the children runes, sinse it is not studied in deapth at Durmstrang, and it is quite inpossible to exist in the nordic wissarding comunity without a good knolage of runes. Other forms of out traditional magic has even started to be forgotten. That is why witches and witches has come together to build a new school at the old school grounds. Students now have a chance to chose their place of education.

Created by: Elise
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  1. Behind a painting you find some tressures. The portrait let's you take one. What do you choose?
  2. A classmate, who is quite mean to the other students, but quite good in class, sits down next to you at breakfast and starts talking to you. What do you do?
  3. What area of study would you chose if you were only alowed one of the following?
  4. What would you hate most?
  5. If you where in trouble, would you ask someone for help.
  6. What rune would you rather carry in your cloak?
  7. What part of traditional magic do you most look foreward to?
  8. Who would you rather have as a friend
  9. What way of learning something suits you best?
  10. Where would you rather spend a study session?

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