What Magical Creature Are You?

There are many different people in this world... some are smart and nerdy, some are pretty and snobby, and some are just mean and irritable! Well, all of these traits belong to magical creatures. With this quiz, you can see which creature YOU are.

So, what creature are you? Are you fit to be a magical creature? You can only imagine, can you? Well thanks to my quiz, it will only take you a few minutes. Go on!

Created by: Sierra

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  1. Which of these colors do you like best?
  2. Where would you rather live?
  3. What personality best suits you?
  4. You want your friends to:
  5. Which animal is the best to you?
  6. Your friend is in a fight and could get killed, and you decide to:
  7. You would rather:
  8. Which power would you rather have and why?
  9. Your enemy's birthday is coming up and you get her:
  10. When you're not busy, you want to:
  11. Pick your favorite thing below:

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Quiz topic: What Magical Creature am I?