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  • Post your favorites
    "Video Game: Sonic Movie: Silver Linings Playbook Band: Green Day Anime: Don't watch any TV Show: Game of Thr"
  • Abstinence Vs. Safe Sex
    "I never really bought into the whole abstinence deal. But I definitely advocate safe sex. I can tell you from first-hand experience that pre..."
  • Self Confidence.
    "She has long, wavy hair, usually up in pony tail or bun, usually dyed some crazy color like cherry red or burnt orange. She "
  • "Wouldn't all those things technically be part of the culture? Just sayin'."
  • "Aries is my sun sign, Sagittarius is my moon sign. So basically I have a fiery personality all around."
  • I miss my mother.
    "As much as it hurts to not have her in your life, your mother would want you to keep living."
  • "Rain gets me down. Warm and sunny is more my kind of weather."
  • Avril Lavigne
    "I liked her music up until Boyfriend. That song just completely ruined my opinion of her."
  • "One thing is clear: telling kids not to have sex doesn't work. It is going to happen. So unless schools want more teenagers with kids or STD..."
  • fave album?
    "Picking one is hard, but I'd say that anything Green Day releases almost automatically becomes something I listen to nonstop. Coldplay's las..."
  • "I've done all those things. I still do number 2 a lot. It's really bad. I had one instance when I was in sixth or seventh grade where I lite..."
  • "My thought is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I used to be heavier than I am now, and I'd say I get about as much attention now a..."
  • Circumcision
    "I don't really consider foreskin a turn-off so long as it is well maintained and clean. As far as circumcision goes, I don't see much point ..."
  • "Eh, I never particularly liked Alicia Keys, that song is very overrated IMO."
  • "Faith is a personal choice, and it starts with you. This is pretty much what I tell anyone like your friend, any person who thinks that prov..."

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