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  • Nekos and Darkness
    "dude, y e s u^u i love watching the sadist ones :)"
  • AJR?
    "yo AJR's got great music u^u"
  • "``Uhm-`` ``Vee!`` One of the boys shouted from the living room. ``Coming!`` She replied quickly with an exhale, thankful for an "
  • "``O-Okay, well I uhm, I just wanted to- to make sure you didn't get-get too hurt,`` Evan said anxiously, glancing up and rubbing the back of..."
  • Neighboring Enemies.
    "(xD) ``Nice,`` Ross said with a chuckle, grabbing plates and setting them out for the two of them. ``I bet it's delicious.``"
  • MCYT Stuff
    "npnp u^u"
  • MCYT Stuff
    "ALRIGHT SUMMER HERE SOME LORE- i was about to try and write it out, but i one, don't know the lore super well, and two, don't w"
  • Nekos and Darkness
    "fr xD it's a pretty great fandom tho the entire smp lore is so g o o d, tbh"
  • Nekos and Darkness
    "i saw dream smp, and i've come WeLcOmE To oNe Of ThE mOsT ChAoTiC fAnDoMs lmao it's great :)"
  • Neighboring Enemies.
    "( XD sure, yea. nOt iT >:))"
  • "Evan flinched, jumping up. ``Uh- You- you okay? I'm uh, I'm sorry you got- got dragged into all, all that,`` he mumbled, looking down at the..."
  • "``Vee, who's this?`` One of Vivian's brother's asked, pointing at Oliver ``This is Oliver, my new friend,`` she explained to the young"
  • Neighboring Enemies.
    "Aiden sat back down on the couch, rubbing his bright red face. He exhaled, staring at the ground. (braindead :'))"
  • "Evan stopped near the nurse's office, watching Chloe walk inside. He walked over, sitting down in one of the chairs outside."
  • AU RP Anyone?
    "``Mmh, sounds great,`` Ross said with a smile, chuckling."

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