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  • "xD well uh, I actually have to get off now- sadly T^T may be back on tomorrow, hopefully :’) also, I’m frikkin s t a r v i"
  • "tyty u^u but like, honestly idk if i actually really like him or not ^^’ like, I don’t understand my emotions like, at all xD"
  • "you good bestie :)"
  • "WOLFIE!!! hi :)"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay chuckled, nodding. “Definitely.” Nick pouted as he rubbed his arm, leaning onto Karl’s side. (not at all braindead :"
  • "okay, honestly? pretty happy rn ^^ held hands with (one?) of my crushes(?) and it was sweet and i laid my head on his shoulder and he "
  • "am pretty happy rn :)"
  • "xD true also HIHI"
  • mcyt rp?
    "(Ranboo* dunno why it was all uppercase lol)"
  • mcyt rp?
    "“Is it that obvious?” RANBOO said with an awkward chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean, he’s my husband and best friend, I don’t w"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay nodded in agreement, chuckling at the two as they argued. “I’m sure I have a much better fashion sense than Nick,” Sam said with "
  • "xD dude yes WHY MUST HE BE SO TALL??? also, dang, didn’t know aimsey was that short lmaoo honestly thought she’d be like, "
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "“True,” Sam said with a giggle, nodding. Clay grabbed George’s hand and smiled, walking side by side with the brunette. “Haha, sucks t"
  • "HAHAHAHA AND RANBOO AND HIS UNNATURALLY TALL HEIGHT- well, it’s unnatural to me, being my height is like, 5’3, 5’4."
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "“Okay, I don’t get why people are just, so into fashion,” Nick said, climbing out of the car. “Like, sure, it’s cool to dress nice ‘n sh-t, "

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