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  • "noice u^u i kind of have like a story idea in my head, and like- okay, i do this sort of like, weird thing, just like, idr"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "“Watched your stream with Will and Tommy,” Nick said, appearing behind Karl and wrapping his arms around the brunette’s waist. “Seriously th"
  • "yeah :D i also wanna try writing some more, bc why not lol i just get kinda lazy and also don’t really have many idea :’)"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay chuckled, smiling at Karl. “I’m certainly glad to be back,” he said with a chuckle, running a hand through his hair. Sam stuck he"
  • "yeah :) another thing I’d like to start trying is maybe learning how to do my own makeup and maybe do cosplay?? like, i really wanna c"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "(u^u) Clay hummed as he got out of the Uber, walking to the trunk and getting his and George’s luggage. He waited for his boyfr"
  • "like, i do do chores without having to be asked (sometimes ^^’) and i try not to lash out but it’s hard. with hobbies, i wanna maybe d"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "(yeah to when they’re heading back to Clay’s place?)"
  • "I NEED TO WATCH INFINITY TRAIN BUT IDK WHERE TO WATCH IT ON- srsly, looks like such a good show man u^u"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay slowly drifted off to sleep, curling closer against George."
  • "the headache’s not a big problem, i’m alr. it’s just, my mom will make these comments like, “i see you’ve been busy,” or “right back o"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay smiled in content and closed his eyes, quietly yawning as he loosely hugged onto George."
  • "kinda feel more like sh-t, have a headache."
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "“I love you too,” Clay replied with a smile, curling closer to George."
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay smiled, hugging onto George and nuzzling his neck."

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