Would We Be Friends?

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Would we be best friends? Take the quiz to find out! ( out of all honestly, I just made this to level up XD. but i mean, if ya like dis, why not uh, give it a nice rating?? ;) )


Created by: imsoclueless

  1. First, what's your gender/pronouns? ( Note: I do not care abt gender, I just didn't know what else to add lol )
  2. Next, what's your age?
  3. Do you know what MCYT is/do you watch MCYT?
  4. Pick one that describes you.
  5. Which MCYT do you like/watch frequently? ( lol I love mcyt )
  6. Do you like/read any of these books?
  7. Pick an aesthetic.
  8. Pick a song. ( most are by the same artist )
  9. What's your favorite videogame?
  10. Do you think we'd be good friends?

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