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  • Hey everyone!
    "@molly um.... DaughterOfApollo. That chick Megan you met earlier. She's pretty good, ummmm idk I don't really read other people series. I wr..."
  • Hey everyone!
    "@molly yeah. Any more questions."
  • Hey everyone!
    "@molly well.... I'll give you the relationship thing. That happens a lot. Some of the relationships are made for stupid reasons and the you ..."
  • Hey everyone!
    "Hey Molly!!!!!!!! So how do ya like it here"
  • Hi
    "@molly hey I gotta go. Nice meeting you"
  • "Yeah. Hey gtg talk to ya later. Dads taking me out to dinner!"
  • Hi
    "Yep. Lauren yep"
  • "Ohhhhhhhh. That makes more sense"
  • Hi
    "Blah* ugh sorry I typed a u instead of h"
  • Hi
    "@molly cool. You can call me Lauren or Blau or 75 or whatever you want. I'm gonna call you molly"
  • "Why'd you have to go downstairs to fix it?"
  • Hi
    "Sup I'm Lauren"
  • "Oh. Haha that happens to me all the time"
  • "I'm sitting on my bed"
  • "See and you can say worked even more today"

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