10 Secrets (part 4)

I'm sorry this quiz is extremely late. I just got busy. I hope you like this one. I think it's kinda crappy. Meh. I put recaps on the second paragraph see! By the way, I fidn't edit it, so there might be some mistakes.... sorry!

RECAPSSS: Kendra was thrown into a room in the evil peoples mansion. About an hour later Brody shows up and tells you his story.You find out that the same thing happen to him.

Created by: laurenblah75

  1. Ok if you haven't already go read the top paragraphs. It has information you may wanna know on it.
  2. **Parker's POV** When I was taken out of the van, I was thrown strait into the dungeon. This wouldn't be my first trip down here. It seemed different to me though. I attempted to use my powers, but they didn't work. They must have finally figured out that escaping from this place is easy with our powers. What idiots.Once everyone else was sent to their stall, we looked at eachother. Kendra was the only one missing. Figures that Mason wouldn't throw her in here. He is just trying to get Kendra comfortable, so he can get what he wants. Oh Kendra. I can't let anything bad happen to her. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I'd do anything to get her back safe in my arms. It was heartbreaking when we split. All cause of. that damn b****Lexi. For now all I know is that Kendra needs me and I won't let her down.
  3. About an hour or so later, there was a light coming from the doorway. A few seconds later, Katke, Connie, and Josh were pushed in and shoved into their stalls. After the guards left I figured it was time. I went to the door area of my cage and signaled everyone else to do the same.It was time to get the hell out of here and save Kendra. "Guys we have a huge problem. I think we found who they wanted!" Connie said. Melinda, Abby, Dylan, and I all looked confused. "Connie that's impossible! We found her already!" Abby argued." Her?" Josh said. "You mean him." "Um.... we found a girl named Kendra who is somewhere in this mansion. She isn't here because SHE is what they were after." Dylan said. "We found some guy named Brody..." Katie began. "There can't be two! Can there??? We have to get them both then. What's the plan." Melinda seemed ready. She really hated this place. Kendra and Melinda have known each other for quite some time now and nothing would stop Melinda when she is determind. As for saving Brody though.... I guess we could. I have heard of a Brody before. I have no idea if its the same one, but if it is... I'm not a fan of him really. I wouldn't say I don't like him. Its just that I don't know him that well. From what I've heard though he is dating that trainwreck Lexi.
  4. "Okay so our plan is..." I began. "Well does anyone have a bobby pin?" Dylan asked. Katie pulled one out of her hair. "Here Dylan, catch." She tossed it over to Dylan. "Well this should be easy!" Dylan grinned. He gabbed the lock that was attacted to the door and shoved the pin in. He turned the bobby pin just like it was a normal key. He opened the lock and freed himself. "So who should I unlock next?" He walked over to Melinda's stall and unlocked her. Once we were all unlocked we gathered into my stall to make an escape route and rescue Kendra and Brody. "More than likely they are both on the 3rd level. That's where the bedrooms are. Hopefully they are near each other, so it will be easier to ge them I think we should split up. Some of us should go get Brody and Kendra and then all the others should go out and get us some type of ride home. How's that sound??" Connie was usually the one with all the answers.
  5. "Okay, that's great Connie, but how exactly are gonna do this?" Josh asked. "First lets divide ourselves up. Hum... let's see. Here. Josh, Melinda,and Abby, you guys should rescue Kendra and Brody. Josh, once we get out of the dungeon you can use your invisiblity to turn you all invisible. Then just find their rooms and get them out. When you get back to the main floor, find a way to get to the front. Go outside. Parker, Katie, Dylanand I will go out and look for a ride. Once we have something, one of us will go find you guys. Then we go back to our mansion. Good plan?" Connie said. Everyone nodded in agreement.
  6. Next thing I knew everyone got up. "Ok you ladies ready?" Josh headed towards the dungeon's enterance. They all grabbed each others hands to form a chain. Josh led the way out the door. Now it was only Katie, Connie, and myself. We waited for about 5 minutes before leaving. Katie suggested that we give them a good start and time for Josh to turn himself invisible. Connie opened the door and we followed her out. It didn't take much effort to sneak around. Most of the guards were slacking and sleeping on the job. The ones who were awake we talking to each other. Eventually we got outside and began searching for something we could all fit into for the long ride home.
  7. **Brody's POV** sometime during the night, I got this stange feeling. It wasn't like any other. All I knew was that I had to do something about it. I opened my eyes to find Kendra still snuggled up against me. She has the cutest smile when she sleeps. I did't want o rewen the moment, but my gut was telling me I had to. Suddenly outside the bedroom door there were noises. I got up out of bed and put my shirt back on. Kendra was starting to wake up. "Brody, whats going on?" She asked. I didn't say anything, but instead I grabbed Kendra and carried her to the closet. I closed the door behind me and didn't turn on the lights. "What are you doing?" Kendra asked. I told her to shh and I hugged her. The noises in the hall were getting closer. Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened and there was a lot of whispers. One of the voices said " Hey, you guys. Look at the bed. It looks like we might be gettig closer to finding one of them." Footsteps echoed through the room as the people outside were searching. I got a feeling that we were their mission. I held Kendra tighter. Suddenly the doorknob to the closet door began to twist open. "Kendra! Brody!" It was Melinda. Abby and Josh were standing behind her." What were you two doing in the closet?" Abby asked. "Oh...uhh...well... I kinda heard you guys in the hall and I needed to protect Kendra, soo......" " Yeah whatever Brody. Come on, we gotta hurry. cause Parker,Dylan, Katie, and Connie are all waiting for us." Kendra and I stepped out of the closet. "Sorry about that." I said. "Its fine." She said while smiling.
  8. **Kendra's POV** I was glad that Brody would go out f his way to make sure I was okay. I found it sweet. After I got out of the closet, the guy behind Melinda caught my eye. He had dirty blond hair and eyes that were infumed with green. He was alittle taler than me. Paker was to, but this guy was taller. Dylan and Brody on the other hand were the same height as me. I assumed this guy was Josh. He notice me staring at him. "Sup, I don't think we've met yet. The names Josh. You must be the beautiful Kendra everyonesbeen talking about." He shot a wink at me. "Yeah that's me." "Ok now that was ll know each other, lets get going." Abby demanded. Melnda, Josh and Abby all grabbed each others hands. Melinda told me take her hand and for Brody to take my other. I looked back over at Josh, but he was gone. In fact I couldn't see anyone, but I could still feel Melinda and Brody's hands. Josh's voice began to say " My power is invisiblity. Thats why you can't see any of us. If I touch something when I am invisible, I can turn tat bject invisible too. If I want to make a chain of objects invisible like what we're doing right now I can. Its pretty awesome. Just remember to be quiet and we won't get caugh in he halls." The door opened again and we hussled through the halls. We took the stairs down to the first floor. When we got outside there was some chick standing there. She had bron hair with blood red highlights. "Hey Katie, where's our ride?"Abby shouted. "Follow me!" She began to walk to the side of the mansion. Before her were 5 motercycles with double seating. "We gotta double up."said Parker as he was.tossing out helmets to everyone. Katie and Josh got on a bike together and Abby and Melinda did too. Brody walked over to a bike and som other girl I didn't know followed him. I guessed that she was Connie. "Hey Kendra, over here." Dylan was saving me a seat. Parker got his own bike. "Thanks" I say. "No problem."Dylan remarks.
  9. Everyone started up their bikes. "Hang on. I don't want you falling off Kendra. Plus I don't have to much experience riding motercycles." Dylan said. I got a grip on Dylan. Parker led the group of bikes away from the mansion. It was a nice breezy night. All the stars were shinning above us. We drove on a rode that had a forest surrounding it. It was a great night to be outside. "Hey look over there!" Dylan pointed to his right and just as he did a lake appeared behind the trees. It shimmered in the moonlight. "Wow its so beautiful." "I know, just like you." "Really" I asked. "What. Do you think I would lie to you Kendra?" I just held Dylan tighter and rested my head on his back. The night remained peaceful and I dozed off.
  10. When I woke up, the sky looked like it was about 3pm. "Hey good afternoon sunshine. Glad you're finally up." Dylan said. "So now that you're up, you should be delighted to hear that we are almost back home." I started laughing. "That's great and all, but where exactly is home?" I asked. "The beach. We have a beach house that I think you'll like. Sonkw, about yesterday..." Dylan began. "What happn to you. I mean you probably know what happen to us. We were thrown into the dungeon and then escaped. I know they put you in a room on the 3rd floor. Then. what happen?" "Oh I got myself cleaned up and the they threw Brody in the room. Then we ate dinner and talked about what happn to us. He told me how he was on his way home and he got knocked out and ended up in a van with Josh, Katie, and Connie. It was pretty much my story, but with different poeple." I explained. "Oh ok cool I guess. At least you weren't alone. That's weird how they put you both in the same room." "Yeah it kinda is." It got silent afterwards. I didn't want to tell Dylan about how Brody was flirting. I didn't want him mad or jealous. That would be horrible. Soon after we pulled. up infront of a huge beach house. It was't amazing, it was incredable. The house looked so comforting.
  11. "Ok Kendra, come on. Let's go inside." Dylan said. We got ff the bike and went over to the porch of the house. It wasn't anything to fancy. It gave off a nice vibe of warm and security. I was glad to be safe here with people I knew and not trapped in some room with a guy ho is extremely nice and all, but I didn't know to much about. Never the less, I think I would have been ok. The thing that I don't think would have came out well would be what happens when these evil people finally try to get me. After a few more minutes of me.drowning in my thoughts, everyone ade their way to the porch. Melinda had the key to the house and slowly opened the door. Everyone walked inside. It was a cozy living room we entered. There were many sofas and best of all a large flat screen tv. I could tell that adjusting to my new lifestyle wouldn't be too hard. "Kendra, Brody, let me go show you where your rooms are. You should be glad to hear that we will be kind enough to give you each your own room." Melinda suggested.I laughed at her remark and followed here. Not to far behind me was Brody. We walked up a flight of spiral stairs. We walked down a hall filled with doors. I guesses they belonged to everyone else." This door is.yours Brody." Melinda said. Brody walked into his room and said thanks. " I'll give you some time to make yourself at home and get cleaned up." Brody agrred and closed his.door. "This door cross the hall is yours Kendra." I walked over to it and opened the door. I was stunned. The room had everythig from a prive bathroom to flat screen monded on the wall, to a balcony and mini fridge. "What do you think? Do you like it? Melinda asked. "More like love it!" "Great then! I'll leave you to do the same as Brody. See a later!" Melinda stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.
  12. I walked over to my closet. It was filled with things I wear. I found it kinda weird about how everything is set up and they had a room, just for me. I did't feel like thing too much so I just let the thought fade away. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a royal blue tank top. I didn't want to put on pjs yet. I took a shower. When I came out I went downstairs to see what everyone else was up to. Melinda was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Dylan, Josh, Abby, and Katie were all sitting by a huge table playing poker. Brody and Connie weren't downstairs. I figured that they were in their rooms. Parker was walking down the stairs. "Hey Kendra. I'm gonna go for a walk. Feel like joining?" Parker asked. "Sure." I say in responce. The sun was going to set soon. Parker and I walked out the door and began our walk.
  13. It was silent at first, but not for long when Parker broke it. "So, Kendra. I know things aren't normal. They kinda won't be anymore. Its alot to get. It must be at least somewhat confusing to you." "I do have one question if that's what you're asking. How do you guys pay for this. house? I mean we aren't old enough to have jobs." I asked." Well... Connie has a uncle who is a computer person and he hacked some credit card or something from the bank and bam... money. I don't know the whole story, but maybe you can ask Connie that one. Any more?" Parker explained. "Not right now." We continued to walk along the shore. The ocean breeze felt soothing."Hey you wanna sit and walk the sunset?" He asked. We both sat down in the sand. I scooted next to Parker. I leand my head on his shoulder. We both just layed staring in te distance as the sun began to set. Parker put his arm around me.
  14. We just sat like that watching the sun disappear. When it was over I looked up at Parker. He was just smiling at me. What happened next I couldn't believe. Parker began to lean in. I did too. His soft lips kissed mine. I backed out after awhile. All I could do was sit there blushing. I probably looked like an idiot. Parker do up." Well Kendra. We should go back so the oters don't worry about us. You know how Melinda gets." I got up. Parker gabber my hand and we walked back to the house. We didn't talk much, but instead we admired the scenery.
  15. We walked back into the house. When Parker opened the door, eyes were stalking us. Everyone was sitting there staring at us. "So how was your walk?" Katie asked." Good. What are YOU guys doing?" Parker answered. "Well... we are waiting for you guys...... yeah that's what we're doing!" Josh replied. "Sure. Okay so is dinner ready?" Melinda walked over to the kitchen and everyone followed. She pulled out a plates and sered up her pasta. Everyone went back to the living room. There was an awkward silence. while ate. Something just wasn't right. Did someone see Parker and I kissing. No. That couldn't of happened. We were too far away from the house. Is there some kind offight that happened when we were gone. No. Why else would they all be sitting together. They wouldn't do that if they were fighting. After I finished my pasta I went to my room. I didn't want to be awkward plus I was getting alittle tired. I soon fell sound asleep.
  16. Ok that is part 4. I'm sorry it's so late. I got caught up with somethings. Hopefully the next part will be out soon! Feel free to comment or rate.

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