My rant on noodles! >:)

You are probably sitting there wondering why I am ranting about noodles... Well lets just say I like to be different and I have some things against noodles!

Noodles never get ranted on about so I think I'm going to do it. Just because they are emotionless does not mean they should go unranted about!

Created by: Likeaboss

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  1. First off- Why are they so flimsy? That makes no sense!
  2. They slidee off of my fork all the time and it annoys me!
  3. I can't even use a spoon with them!
  4. Ugh and I hate how I have to cut them!
  5. If I don't cut them then I have to sit there and slurp it up as it dangles out of my mouth!
  6. I was told that noodles are precious...
  7. -.- What kind of nonsense is that?!?!
  8. Noodles also dry out easily!
  9. Leftover noodles are dry and they suck!
  10. Unless of cousrse you add new sauce...
  11. Which just makes us waste our money! >:o
  12. But no matter how much I rant about them...
  13. They will always be loved by me! ^~^

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