Giving Love A Shot Shout Outs!

Okay if I didn't include you, sorry! I love all you guys, thanks so much! I included everyone who has taken neon the sat five parts with their accounts. But thank you everyone!

K so love you guys. If you have a series you want me to check out, comment, but if there's over 10 parts I'd have to catch up with (unless they're short) I won't take it. Worry, I just wouldn't have the time.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Hey so there's only a few people to thank, but keep reading.
  2. First I'd like to say a big thanks to Dannica. Your writing inspired me to make not only this quiz series, but a book. One of your quizzes said something like, "everyone has a purpose and should live" or something. I've had some really hard times and I think of that during them which is why I'm writing a book. So thank you so much, I really hope you keep writing and eventually move on to books!
  3. Next a kind of general thank you to everyone. Especially those who have come back even though you've had to remember what the heck I put in the last one because I take so long sometimes..
  4. Next, thanks so much to Angelic4. We joined the same day and you believed in me and promised to take this until the end. Thank you.
  5. Oh and I'm including people that have taken the last five because a ton of people have left since the start. :/
  6. Thank you puffball! I've gotten to know you a bit on the forums and youre super nice. Your comments always made me laugh after a rough day. Also since you said you put me in your quiz series, it's one of the few I've taken. It's really good (and there wasn't a ton so I took it) :) why you stop?! S:
  7. _ViolaLover_ thanks for taking this as well! You were a fun character and I'm sorryi killed you. :/ I just had a ton of people because it was my first quiz series and I had no clue what I was doing.
  8. Xxblutixx. Thanks for taking this and commenting! :) I love comments! I would take your series because you're really nice and even your comments are super descriptive, but there's so many! D: I'm sorry, I really would take it though. I'll take your next one. :)
  9. Hungergamesluver, thanks for supporting me even though I didn't like the hunger games for the longest time. You don't comment much, but I know you're there.
  10. Bluebird, you not only read my series, but you re-read it! :O that must mean you actually liked it enough! Thanks so much, it means a lot. :')
  11. scolionophobia, I've talked to you on th forums and you're really nice! Thanks so much for taking my series and even commenting on the announcement quizzes. :)
  12. Kat, I started this way before you made your account and you took it anyways! :O thanks so much. :3 I think I'll read ps I love you, there's not much to catch up on. OTHERS IF YOU'RE STILL READING THIS, I will read your series if you want me to, but I won't if there's a crap load to read already. Sorry. :/
  13. Xbox360fan, you don't comment, but thanks for taking this! :3
  14. Epicz, you also don't comment, but thanks for the support. :)
  15. Elf maiden,you also don't comment, but thanks for the support!
  16. Comet light, I don't remember comments from you. :/ not off the top of my head. . . Are you the one doing the mash up with Dannica? I'll take it! :) Yet again, your current series is too long for me to start, sorry. @-@
  17. Slitsey, I think you started taking the series recently. Thanks for taking the time! And you won the contest! If you want to leave a character description (of you) in the comments so you can be in TTT, if you don't want to you don't have to.
  18. Faith. Thanks for taking this! You don't comment much, but still thanks!
  19. KaliaRox, you do rock! For taking this! Haha, still thanks so much!
  20. And last, but not least, the fans that don't have accounts. Thank you so much if you have kept up with this and even though you may not be able to comment, thanks so much!
  21. K thanks, bye. Take my quizzes between TTT if you want and TTT! Byes, love you people!

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